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Guided Easy Cycling Holidays in Europe

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At Flexitreks all our cycling holidays are graded using four simple grades to make your job of selecting the perfect cycling holiday from our extensive range a little easier. Our easy cycling holidays in Europe are perfect for families and those looking for a gentle introduction to the cycling holiday genre. The next level up is leisurely, still relatively easy but with the odd hill along the way, followed by our moderate and challenging grades that will appeal to regular cyclists with a good level of fitness.

Of course you can add additional criteria to your search for the perfect holiday cycling holiday. For instance, you may be interested in guided cycling holidays in Europe. Guided cycling holidays are great fun and very sociable. Cycle guides lead the daily rides leaving you free to enjoy the scenery and the company of your fellow cyclists. Here are some of our most popular guided easy cycling holidays in Europe.

Tulips and windmills - Holland II*Our Springtime Tulip Fields Cycle Holidays in Holland are a wonderful introduction to cycling holidays  – 4 days of beautiful flat cycling, through stunning tulip fields, past iconic windmills and alongside winding waterways. Stay on a traditional Dutch barge and be transported to a new venue each day to explore by bike. This is a superb cycling holiday short break that will make a great start to your cycling holiday memories!

Grand Canal - Venice

Grand Canal – Venice

Or how about a guided cycle tour around Venice? Another wonderful introduction to cycling holidays, but a little longer, this one is 7 nights. Cycle through culture rich villages and renaissance towns, such as Vicenza, Padua and Chioggia. There is also the wonderful town of Bassano del Grappa to enjoy as well as the iconic city of Venice. This is one of our favourite guided easy cycling holidays in Europe – just stunning!

Another relatively easy and highly enjoyable guided cycling

Ave Maria - Mantua

Ave Maria – Mantova

holiday is our unique Mantova to Venice Cycle Cruise, one of our great cycling holidays in Italy. Cycle alongside the Po River through the beautiful Italian countryside, staying on a comfortable river cruiser with spacious and comfortable cabins. Another wonderful way to explore Italy by bike.

We also offer a number of easy to leisurely guided cycling holidays along the Danube River. Starting from Passau on the

German Austrian border, these relaxing Danube River Cycling Holidays showcase the most beautiful stretches of the river. Daily rides lead you along the riverbank through quaint towns and scenic valleys.

Or how about starting in Amsterdam and taking a leisurely 7 night cycle cruise to Bruges in Belgium. This is one of our guided cycling holidays, a wonderful journey taking in a myriad of sights and scenery along reliably flat cycle paths.

Kinderdijk - Holland

Windmills of Kinderdijk

These are just some of our guided easy cycling holidays in Europe. You won’t get lost, you will get plenty of gentle exercise and you will cycle through some quite stunning scenery with lots of interesting highlights along the way.

Give us a call at Flexitreks on 01273 410550 if you would like to enquire about one of our guided easy cycling holidays in Europe.





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Our easy cycling holidays offer short daily rides on mostly level terrain. A typical day’s ride will take 2 – 3 hours at a leisurely pace and the remainder of the day will be free for you to explore further or simply relax. These rides are particularly recommended for newcomers to cycling holidays and for families.

Our leisurely cycle holidays will suit those who are reasonably fit through regular exercise of one kind or another – not necessarily cycling. On the whole, the terrain will be level but there may also be a few small hills to contend with along the way too. Daily rides will typically take around 3 – 4 hours to complete.

Our moderate cycle holidays are for regular cyclists, who are used to longer rides with regular climbs. A good level of fitness is needed and you can expect to be in the saddle for between 4 and 5 hours each day.

These holidays are for seasoned cyclists who cycle long distances regularly and who enjoy the thrill of long days in the saddle. There will undoubtedly be some challenging climbs along the way and you can expect to cover between 55 and 75 miles each day.

Simple 2 star hotels, pensions inns and B&Bs. All rooms feature en-suite facilities.

Typically a mix of good quality 2 & 3 star hotels and in some cases all 3 star hotels. All rooms feature en-suite facilities.
Tours that have a mix of 2, 3 and 4 star hotels are also included here. All rooms feature en-suite facilities.

A mix of 3 and 4 star hotels & or in some cases excellent 3 star hotels.

High standard properties offering well-appointed guest rooms and good facilities. All rooms feature en-suite facilities.

Basic: Cabins with bunk beds and shared facilities.

Simple: Cabins with bunk beds and en-suite facilities

Comfort: Twin bedded cabins and en-suite facilities.

Superior: Well appointed en-suite, twin cabins.

Deluxe: Very high levels of comfort & service. All cabins are en-suite.

theme-icon-familyFamily: Cycling holidays that are suitable for families.

theme-icon-riversRivers & Lakes: Cycling holidays alongside rivers and/or lakes.

theme-icon-coastalCoastal: Cycling holidays that follow a coastline.

theme-icon-wineWine Lovers: Cycling holidays through well known wine regions.

theme-icon-gastroGastronomic: Cycling holidays through regions renowned for their cuisine.

theme-icon-ebikeE-bikes: Cycling holidays where e-bikes are available as well as regular bikes.