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Bike and Boat Cycling Holidays

Bike and boat holidays have become very popular in recent years and we offer a huge choice of options throughout Europe. These floating hotels deliver you to new and exciting destinations each day, enabling you to see much more of a country or region than would normally be feasible on a traditional cycling holiday.

Cycling near Riquewihr | Cycling near Riquewihr

Bike and Hotel Cycling Holidays

On a bike and hotel cycling holiday you will stay in accommodation ranging from charming bed and breakfast properties through to luxury hotels along your chosen route. The type and style of accommodation varies depending on the cycle holiday booked. Your luggage is transferred from hotel to hotel for you leaving you free to enjoy the daily rides unencumbered.

Cycling in Bordeaux | Cycling in Bordeaux

Self-Guided Cycling Holidays

Self-guided cycling holidays are our most popular type of cycling holiday. As the name suggests, on these cycling holidays you are the master of your own destiny, riding at a pace that suits you and stopping for breaks wherever and whenever you please along the route. We offer a huge range of self-guided cycling itineraries with something for all budgets and ability levels.

Cycling in Tuscany | Cycling in Tuscany

Guided Cycling Holidays

Our guided cycling holidays are sociable affairs, consisting of between six and twenty cyclists and at least one bike guide riding together as a group. You can forget about navigation as the bike guide knows the route well. There’s generally a mixture of nationalities creating a convivial, cosmopolitan atmosphere that makes these holidays great fun and very memorable.


Cycling beside Lake Constance | Cycling beside Lake Constance

Easy Cycling Holidays

Our easy cycling holidays can be enjoyed by just about anyone who can ride a bicycle but are particularly suitable for beginners, families and cyclists who prefer shorter rides without many hills. These routes are about having the time to enjoy the scenery and local culture whilst enjoying a bit of light exercise. In most cases the daily rides can be completed in around 2 to 3 hours

Cycling the Danube at Grein | Cycling the Danube at Grein

Leisurely Cycling Holidays

Our leisurely cycle holidays will suit those who are reasonably fit through regular exercise of one kind or another – not necessarily cycling. On the whole, the terrain will be level but there may also be a few hills to contend with along the way. Daily rides will typically take around 3 to 4 hours to complete at a leisurely pace. E-bikes are an option on all these holidays.

Cycling beside Wolfgangsee | Cycling beside Wolfgangsee

Moderate Cycling Holidays

Our moderate cycling holidays typically suit regular cyclists, who are used to longer rides and who are happy to take on a few climbs along the way. These are still very much leisure cycling routes though, so anyone with a good level of fitness should be able to complete them without too much trouble. An average day's ride will take around 3 to 4 hours

Cycling near Kranjska Gora | Cycling near Kranjska Gora

Challenging Cycling Holidays

Our challenging cycling holidays are best suited to seasoned leisure cyclists who ride regularly, enjoy challenging climbs and relish long days in the saddle. On these tours you can expect to encounter regular climbs (some quite steep) and you'll be spending up to 5 hours a day in the saddle. E-bikes are an available option on these holidays.


Cycling on Venice Lido | Cycling on Venice Lido

New for 2024

We're always scouring Europe for new and exciting cycling routes to add to our portfolio. To make the grade, any new contenders must offer an exciting and scenic itinerary as well as great quality bikes and superb accommodation. Check out our fabulous new additions, brand new for 2024.

Cycling in the Breisgau | Cycling in the Breisgau

Cycle Path Routes

Cycling holidays that follow dedicated cycle path routes are perennially popular, they’re usually pretty flat, making for easy progress, well signposted, so navigation is a breeze and the lack of traffic is of course a major bonus too. Some of Europe's best loved cycle routes follow dedicated cycle paths.

Taking a break near Fridingen on the Danube | Taking a break near Fridingen on the Danube

Short Breaks

If you can’t spare a whole week for your cycling holiday or just want a long weekend away, then our range of short cycling breaks in Europe will fit the bill nicely. These three to five day cycling breaks offer something for everybody, from scenic routes through gorgeous countryside to fascinating city breaks. Some are single centre holidays while on others you will move on each day.

Pyla Dune | Pyla Dune

Coastal Routes

Our coastal routes are all about riding along beautiful coastlines enjoying sea views, lovely beaches, swimming breaks and exploring charming little ports and coastal villages. Some routes follow the rugged Atlantic coasts of France, Spain and Portugal while others trace the more tranquil shoreline of the Mediterranean in Croatia, Italy, France and Spain.

Cycling near Colmberg | Cycling near Colmberg

Popular Routes

We offer a huge range of leisure cycling holidays and each of them has its own appeal but there are some routes that stick out from the crowd because they have that certain something that gives them long-term popularity. These tried and tested itineraries have won legions of fans over the years and are definitely worth considering for your next cycling holiday.