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St. Gilgen - Wolfgangsee | St. Gilgen - Wolfgangsee

Austria (29 tours)

It would be hard to pick the best cycling holiday in Austria as there are so many contenders. The cycling routes through the iconic Salzkammergut, Austria’s sublime lake district, are certainly contenders as are the idyllic riverside routes that follow the Danube Cycle Path from Passau to Vienna. There again, the Alpe-Adria route from Salzburg to the Adriatic Coast is the newest contender for the crown and fast-gaining fans.

Bruges | Bruges

Belgium (9 tours)

Belgium has much to offer leisure cyclists. A comprehensive network of well-maintained bike paths allows cyclists to enjoy easy rides through level, open countryside and to experience the old world charm and café culture of beautiful cities and towns.

Hvar Town | Hvar Town

Croatia (10 tours)

We offer a comprehensive range of cycling holidays in Croatia that showcase this incredible country. The Croatian Coast is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful in Europe, dotted with numerous, idyllic islands just perfect for exploring by bike.

Prague - Czech Republic | Prague - Czech Republic

Czech Republic (4 tours)

Our cycling holidays in the Czech Republic showcase traditional villages and towns, wonderful architecture, castles and museums as well as a varied and colourful landscape. The cycling is generally along a network of quiet lanes and cycle paths.

Nyehavn - Copenhagen | Nyehavn - Copenhagen

Denmark (1 tour)

Denmark has much to offer the leisure cyclist. Zealand, Denmark’s largest island, offers enjoyable easy cycling through open countryside and picture perfect villages. Bustling Copenhagen is one of Europe’s most cycle-friendly cities.

Turku Archipelago | Turku Archipelago

Finland (1 tour)

Finland is a wonderful choice for a summer cycling holiday. In mid-summer the sun rises around 4 am in the Turku Archipelago and sets around 11pm. These long, lazy days are just perfect for island-hopping through these idyllic islands on a relaxing cycle holiday.

Mont Saint Michel | Mont Saint Michel

France (23 tours)

France is blessed with an abundance of idyllic cycle routes. Enjoy the elegant Châteaux of the Loire Valley, or take on one of the many Vélodyssée routes along the picturesque Atlantic Coast. Our new cycle route from Bordeaux to the Lot Valley is defiunitely worth considering as are our idyllic itineraries through the Alsace wine region.

Cycling in the Breisgau | Cycling in the Breisgau

Germany (30 tours)

Germany offers a wealth of wonderful cycling routes along well-maintained and clearly marked cycle paths. Our Black Forest Cycling Holiday is incredibly popular as is our lazy loop around the Bavarian Lakes. The cycle path around beautiful Lake Constance attracts cyclist from all over the world and we offer a number of variations of this very popular route.

Sivota - Lefkas | Sivota - Lefkas

Greece (4 tours)

The Greek islands are perfect for carefree summer cycling holidays. Pedal along quiet country lanes with only the chorusing cicadas for company. Stop at idyllic beaches for a cooling dip. Discover white-washed villages and stop for lunch in charming little tavernas.

Cycling near Kinderdijk | Cycling near Kinderdijk

Holland (15 tours)

Holland offers 33,000 kms of well maintained and clearly signposted cycle paths making it an ideal choice for a leisure cycling holiday. The lack of hills is of course another big plus for many leisure cyclists, as is the country's iconic "polder" scenery of dykes, waterways and windmills. Many visit in the springtime to witness the kaleidoscopic tulip fields around Amsterdam.

Budapest | Parliament Building - Budapest

Hungary (4 tours)

We offer a range of cycling holidays that follow the Danube River from Austria and Slovakia, to the Hungarian capital Budapest, widely regarded as one of the most beautiful capital cities in the world.

Torbole - Lake Garda | Torbole - Lake Garda

Italy (31 tours)

Italy, a country with more than its fair share of culture, style and scenery is the perfect choice for a cycling holiday. Some of Europe's most scenic cycle path routes are found here, possibly because the Italians themselves are incredibly keen leisure cyclists. From the majestic Alps in the north to the beaches and olive groves in the south, Italy offers a real treasure-trove of cycling routes.

Dunajec Gorge | Dunajec Gorge

Poland (1 tour)

Enjoy a fascinating cycling holiday in Poland exploring historic Krakow by bike followed by a stunning cycling adventure through the Dunajec Gorge in the Pieniny Mountains.

Ericeira | Ericeira

Portugal (8 tours)

Portugal ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to leisure cycling holidays. A pleasant climate all year round, coupled with an impressive cycle path network designed to showcase the stunning Atlantic Coast. Add to this the chance to explore the historic and fascinating cities of Porto and Lisbon and it's no wonder more and more cyclists are choosing Portugal for their cycling holiday

Bratislava | Bratislava

Slovakia (3 tours)

Slovaka is a great choice for a cycling holiday. Beautiful scenery protected within no less than nine national parks. Springs and rivers tumble out of the Tatras mountains and flow south along green valleys flanked by densely forested hills to join the mighty Danube river.

Lake Bled | Lake Bled

Slovenia (6 tours)

From the majesty of the Julian Alps and serenity of Lake Bled to the charming old, terracotta-roofed towns of the Adriatic coast, Slovenia packs a lot of spectacular scenery and diverse landscapes into such a small country. On top of this, the locals are very welcoming and justly proud of their fabulous little country.

Ronda | Ronda

Spain (11 tours)

Spain's diverse landscapes and islands offer something for everyone when it comes to cycling holidays. The relatively warm climate make it an ideal choice for shoulder-season trips when other destinations may be a little too cool. The Balearic Islands and the Mediterranean coast are always a popular but don't overlook the verdant North Coast. In the Winter months, Lanzarote is the best option.

Ugglarp beach between Halmstad and Falkenberg | Ugglarp beach between Halmstad and Falkenberg

Sweden (1 tour)

Cycle Sweden's most popular leisure cycling route from Helsingborg to Gothenburg, following the Kattegatleden cycle path. This relaxing coastal route is the perfect introduction to Sweden, it's people and it's culture.

Rhine Falls | Rhine Falls

Switzerland (6 tours)

Possibly Europe’s most picturesque country, Switzerland has a lot to offer cyclists and don’t worry, our relaxed itineraries tend to stick to the valley floor,