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Glorenza - Venosta Valley | Glorenza - Venosta Valley

Adige River Cycling Holidays

The Adige river, the second longest river in Italy, begins life close to the Austrian border at the head of the Resia pass. A scenic, alpine cycle path follows the river's course as it gently descends through fruit orchards and pretty alpine villages to the medieval town of Bolzano and on to the Roman city of Verona.

Alpe Adria Cycle Path | Alpe Adria Cycle Path

Alpe Adria Cycling Holidays

The Alpe Adria Cycle Path, Europe's incredibly scenic and surprisingly easy, leisurely cycling route, leads cyclists across the majestic alps from Salzburg in Austria to Grado on Italy's Adriatic Coast. Thanks to a short train ride under the spine of the Alps the route can be enjoyed by riders of all abilities.

Mljet | Mljet

Dalmatian Islands Cycling Holidays

A stunning archipelago nestled along the coastline of Croatia in the Adriatic Sea, the Dalmatian islands form a captivating mosaic of natural beauty. Comprising over a thousand islands, only around 50 of which are inhabited, this region is absolutely perfect for an island hopping bike-and-boat holiday.

Cycling the Danube at Grein | Cycling the Danube at Grein

Danube Cycling Holidays

The Danube Cycle Path, stretches over 1,700 miles, following the course of the Danube from its source in the Black Forest of Germany to its delta at the Black Sea Coast. The path traverses ten countries, offering a diverse cultural and scenic experience for cyclists. We offer a range of Danube cycling holidays including hotel to hotel holidays as well as bike and boat holidays and single centre options too.